Registration Policy

On arrival staff and children's names, time of arrival will be recorded on the nursery's register. During the working day if staff or children need to leave, this will also be recorded. The same rules apply to visitors, persons of authority and students.

The nursery entrance will remain closed throughout the working day.

CCTV is in operation at all times.

Identification will be asked for in the case of visiting bodies requiring access to premises (i.e. Inspectors, local authorities, maintenance workers).

At the end of day, all children and staff will be signed out. Checks on premises will take place and recorded. Nursery will be securely locked by last persons leaving the premises.

Security, Arrival and Departure Policy

In the event of Oxford Day Nursery unable to open we will endeavour to contact parents and carers as quickly as possible. A notice will be displayed at front entrance with a contact telephone number and email address for further information.

Likely events of closure may include:

Health, Hygiene and Safety

Oxford Day Nursery promotes a healthy and safe environment.

This is achieved by:

Illness policy

Children need their home environment during periods of illness and parents are requested not to bring children who are ill into nursery. Caring for a sick child at home will minimise cross infection. Depending on illness usually 2-5 days absence from nursery is sufficient, however a longer period may be required and parents or carers are requested to seek advice from their GP or health visitor (we may ask parents or carers for confirmation from their GP that the child is fit to return to nursery).

In the event of a child becoming ill during time at nursery, key person and first aider will make the child comfortable and settled in a quiet area of the nursery. Parents or carers will be contacted, if no contact is made, we will contact the 'emergency contact person'. We will request the child is collected as soon as possible and medical advice sought.

We retain the right to remove a child to a hospital in an emergency or if contact with persons named cannot be made.

Parents/carers must update nursery with contact details.

Settling-in Policy

All children are unique and will have individual needs to settle into nursery. Once parents and carers are happy to register their child or children with Oxford Day Nursery, the procedure will be as follows.

Parents and carers will be invited to come into nursery with their child and stay between 1-2 hours daily. Throughout this period the Key Person will discuss your child's daily routine, recording various information to enable your child to settle, ensuring his or her needs will be met. Once your child seems ready we will suggest a short period for you to leave your child for approximately 1 hour in length. We will increase this period as your child settles.

This routine may take as little as from one week to a month so we ask parents/carers to allow enough time from their own schedules. We are happy to include a family member who is known to your child and familiar with his/her routines.

This time can also ensure parents/carers to get to know how our nursery works, meeting staff and reading through various nursery policies. We can provide assistance with the translation of our various policies and forms, ensuring there are no difficulties understanding them. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance if needed.

Complaints Policy

We aim to provide a caring and happy environment where children can learn and develop as they play. Parents and carers are welcomed and we pay careful attention to their needs and wishes.

If a parent or carer should have a complaint with the nursery we suggest a discussion with your child's key person should hopefully resolve any concerns. If the parent or carer remains unhappy with the outcome or feel it is inappropriate then you should speak directly with the nursery manager. A meeting will be arranged immediately in a private area of nursery. We will endeavour to give additional support with language if needed. Complaints may also be in writing if the parent or carer prefers.

The nursery manager will treat all complaints seriously and promptly, it will also be filed into the nursery records. A copy will be given to the parent or carer. We aim to resolve it fairly and with immediate effect. We consider up to five working days appropriate however in some instances investigations may take longer. All complaints will be answered within 28 days. Parents / carers will be kept informed and a resolution will be given in writing. If parents remain dissatisfied with the outcome, the final stage will be to contact our registration body.

Helpline: 0300 123 1231
Website: www.ofsted.gov.uk

Key person Policy

On entry to nursery each child will be allocated a Key Person.

This member of staff will be responsible for your child's individual needs.

A Key Person will observe record and evaluate your child's progress. This will enable the Key Person to support your child towards the next areas of learning and development according to growth.

Parents and carers will be introduced to their child's Key Person on admission to nursery and will be kept up to date of their child's progress and also informed should the Key Person change.

We aim to have progress and development meetings with parents or carers at the end of each term. However we operate an 'open door policy' which enables parents and carers to discuss concerns and visit the nursery during our opening hours.

Parental or carer interaction is promoted within our setting and we are happy to discuss any issues (however small they may seem).

Parents or carers may view any information, planning or observation records on their child at any time.


An experienced staff team will plan weekly activities for your child, which you can see on each room's parent board. We also encourage parents to participate in observations too, allowing us to have a broader view on each child's interests and development. We are presently working towards QuILT Accreditation (Quality Improvement in Learning and Teaching)

We're rated 'GOOD' by OFSTED 2015, Inspectors comments include:

"The quality of teaching is good and fully promotes the individual needs of the children. Staff are skilful in engaging with the children. Consequently, children make good progress, particularly in their personal, social, and emotional development, and in their communication and language development. The well-qualified and experienced manager clearly understands and implements the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Comprehensive induction training and supervision meetings allow the manager to ensure that staff are suitable to carry out their roles."

Behaviour Management Policy

All staff will remain positive towards children, each other and towards the nursery.

No child will receive any physical punishment. Our nursery promotes good behaviour and respect. We will not allow any child to be bullied, hit or verbally abused within the nursery. Inappropriate behaviour will be discouraged and staff will speak firmly but not shout at any child.

Children will be made aware of their boundaries and expectations will be clearly explained to each child in a calm and non-judgemental way.

Children will not be made to feel 'bad' about themselves however consequences will be explained clearly i.e. removal from the group or activity if this is causing stress or harm to other children. This will only be for a short period. The child will be encouraged to comfort and make amends or give a cuddle to "say sorry" to the other child or children in question, staff will give praise and encourage friendly interaction between children.

Staff may only restrain a child in the event of biting or kicking, using minimal force. (Please see our Restrictive Intervention Policy). Parent/ carer will be informed and incident recorded and signed by staff and parent/ carer. Staff will liaise with parent/ carer to resolve the situation but in the unlikely event of continued inappropriate behaviour, we may ask the parent/carer to remove their child from nursery.

We are committed to keeping all children safe.

Learning and Support Policy

At Oxford Day Nursery we undertake to support all children to develop their full potential in these formative years. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage principles which are set out below. We also undertake to update and train our staff through courses and workshops, also with in-house training.

A Unique Child

Positive Relationships

Enabling Environments

Learning and Developing

Inclusion and SEN Policy

All parents, carers, children, staff and visitors will not be discriminated against regarding their race, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation, disability, marital status or language.

Staff are committed to working towards equality and inclusion of all our children, families and the wider community.

Our programme of learning will include awareness of religion, culture, disabilities. Our nursery welcomes different languages and will try to help with communication issues. Our staff also speaks various languages and are happy to assist children, parents/ carers.

Staff will support all children with additional needs. Our nursery has a designated SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) who will help with any problems which arise and also contact (with parents or carers permission) outside agencies to ensure the needs of children are met.

Our SENCO will be happy to liaise with parents, carers and agencies. We will arrange meetings within our nursery if needed. Ongoing records and information will be recorded in nursery and each child will receive support through an IEP (Individual Care Plan). All information will be held in strict confidence.

Our SENCO can attend meetings in family homes if needed and will be available within nursery to discuss any issues or concerns.


In 2015 Food Standards Agency (FSA) known as 'Scores on the Doors' rated our Nursery 5 which is the highest rating.

Eating habits, nutrients, foods and menu planning

At nursery mid-morning and afternoon snacks are provided. Snack items are at times set out in an area where children participate in the preparation. Children are taught personal hygiene by hand washing procedures and the use of utensils to serve food are also addressed. Snacking together in our Nursery is:

The children sit in the nursery play rooms around the tables. They are encouraged to use table manners, self-help skills, make healthy choices and talk to their friends and nursery staff.

The children will be offered a variety of healthy snacks, for example fresh vegetable crudités, salad items, raisins and seasonal fruits. The children have access to water throughout the day. Children are encouraged to pour their own drinks.

There is no extra charge for the snacks provided at nursery.

It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to inform the nursery staff of any allergies your children may have.